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Customer Support and Resources

Before you contact Customer Support

Before you decide to contact the customer support call center, be sure to take advantage of the resources available to you. These services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sage 100 Contractor Help

From anywhere within the software, you can access this comprehensive library of easy-to-find topics to learn more about specific procedures, topics, fields, or buttons.

Sage Knowledgebase

Depending on your Sage service plan, we also offer a web-based Sage Knowledgebase and online user community forums at www.sagecre.com or through the in-product menu. Our staff maintains an extensive knowledge database of questions and answers covering everything from frequently asked questions to more complex problems and solutions. In addition, we keep all product reference documentation available in the Knowledgebase. This online tool is the same tool we use in our customer support call center to help answer your call.

To access the Technical Support Knowledgebase:

1 Click www.sagecre.com/customerlogon.
2 On the Welcome page, in the left column, click Knowledgebase Search to open a list of products.
3 Complete Step 1 by selecting Sage 100 Contractor from the list of products.
4 Complete Step 2 by entering a search term in the box.
5 Click Search. The search results appear below the box.

Sage 100 Contractor InfoCenter

Find Sage 100 Contractor software notices and all the information you need, such as industry news, products, services, new enhancements, tips, training, special offers and more.


Technical Documentation Available

A number of guides are included in the software. Access important release information such as system requirements, software enhancements, quickly and easily. Click the Home & Resources tab > Printable Documentation or Resources > Printable Documentation if you have Activity Centers hidden to see the available PDF files. You can also find the PDF files in the Documentation folder in \Program Files (or Program Files (x86))\Sage\Sage 100 Contractor\.

Sage 100 Contractor Virtual Conference

Interact with and learn from Sage Construction and Real Estate senior leadership, product experts, and fellow customers online. Get the latest information on product updates as well as network and share experiences with your peers. Check the Sage 100 Contractor InfoCenter at http://www.na.sage.com/sage-100-contractor/infocenter-news for current virtual conference information.

Contacting Customer Support

Contact Customer Support in the United States and Canada at:

Toll free: 800-866-8049

Or 503-690-6775


Hours of Operation

Telephone support is available Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time with the exceptions listed below.

You can also submit your request for customer support online 24 hours a day, seven days a week by logging on to www.sagecre.com/customerlogon. Our customer support team will reply to your questions during normal support hours.

Any additional closures will be communicated by our regular customer email newsletters.

When You Contact Customer Support

Depending on your Sage service plan, you may be able to contact the Sage Customer Support Call Center to work with one of our highly trained customer support professionals. Before you call, be sure to have the following information on hand so we can handle your call efficiently.

Question How to Find the Answer
What is your Sage client ID number?

Your client ID number can be found on correspondence you receive from Sage. If you do not know your Sage client ID, please contact the person at your company who maintains your relationship with Sage.

What software version are you using? To find the version, open Sage 100 Contractor; click Help > About Sage 100 Contractor and note the number listed.
What application or area in the software are you calling about? On the menu list, identify the application and number where are you are work (i.e. Selecting Invoices to Pay in 4-3-1, Accounts Payable Vendor Payments).
How can we help you? Walk through the exact steps you completed with as much detail and accuracy as possible.
Is there an error message? Write down the exact wording of the message.
Can you reproduce the issue? Were you able to walk through the same steps that led to the problem and see whether it happened again?
Is this the first time the problem has happened? Does the problem occur on one workstation or several? Ask other users if they have experienced the same problem. Have them test at their workstation to see if they experience the same problem. Also, have the original user try other workstations to see whether the problem is specific to that user.
Has anything changed with your software, hardware, or workflow? Ask your network administrator for technical information regarding anything that may have changed behind the scenes: upgrades to Sage 100 Contractor, new third-party software installations, moving of data from one server to another, new printers or print driver installation, or anything else that might affect the network.
Does the problem happen in the sample data sets? Select [File> Open Company], then change the drive letter on the dropdown to C:, select Sample Company.
What kind of network are you using? If you do not know, please contact your network administrator.
What operating system is on your computer?

For XP: Click [Start], click [Run], type winver and click [OK].

For Vista: Click [Start], type winver in the ‘start search’ window and click [OK].

What printers and print drivers are installed? If you do not know, please contact your network administrator.
When was your last backup? If you do not know, please contact your network administrator.

Responding to You

Our goal is to answer all calls within the first three minutes, but more often than not we answer your call on the first ring! Once calls are answered, our support analysts resolve over 90% of questions during the first contact.

Our analysts work with you to respond accordingly to the urgency of your issue. Call urgencies range from a simple explanation of software settings to critical situations in which work is stopped or data integrity is compromised. Some calls may warrant further research and followup, in which case our support analyst will place your call in his/her in-progress work list. At every step of the way, we work with you to until a resolution or agreement can be reached.

Depending on your Sage Service plan, you may check the status or update, or even create a new support ticket online:

1 Visit www.sagecre.com.
2 Click the [Customer Support] button.
3 Logon to the Sage Customer Portal.
4 Next, select the Support tab and choose the [Self Service] button.