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Sage 100 Contractor Add-on Modules

There are currently 5 add-on modules for use with Sage 100 Contractor: “Estimating,” "Equipment," "Document Control," "Inventory," and the combined “Service Receivables/Inventory.”


The Sage 100 Contractor Estimating Basic module allows you to stay on top of the estimating process from start to finish thanks to multiple takeoff options, industry-specific pricing databases, and integration with Sage 100 Contractor accounting modules. By automating and streamlining your estimating processes, you'll ensure that every detail is accounted for and your cost projections are accurate.

Global variables, formulas, and templates make your estimating process easier and more accurate. You can selectively factor in cost increases, lock prices to prevent accidental edits, and add notes for clarity. Windows functionality (such as cut, copy, and paste) allows you to import blocks of information from other estimates with just a few clicks of the mouse. All grids are Microsoft® Excel® compatible —you will not have to learn a new interface if you have been using spreadsheets. After the takeoff is complete, you can generate the budget, the proposal, requests for proposals, purchase orders, and subcontracts. You can even email them directly to your subs and suppliers without printing them out.

With the data import feature, you can import a parts list or update prices directly from your suppliers. The simple assembly tools help you build new assemblies without leaving your takeoff (available in 9-5 Takeoffs). With just a few mouse clicks, you can copy, adjust, or create assemblies from scratch.

For more information on the Estimating add-on module, visit http://na.sage.com/sage-100-contractor/modules/estimating.

You can also step up to the next level with Sage Estimating Standard and Extended versions, powered by trade-specific cost databases, enabling you to turbo-charge takeoffs and final proposals. Input your own costs into a pre-built database or choose a database pre-populated with costs. For more information about Sage Estimating, visit http://na.sage.com/sage-estimating.


Build your bottom line by better managing equipment. Track and charge all equipment costs directly to your jobs, helping your company recoup these outlays. Sage 100 Contractor equipment management includes:

For more information on the Equipment add-on module, visit http://na.sage.com/sage-100-contractor/modules/service-management .

Document Control

Complete project documentation with all the forms you need. Avoid disputes and communicate effectively with employees, customers, and subcontractors with Sage 100 Contractor document control capabilities. Create and track responses to critical project documents such as:

For more information on the Document Control add-on module, visithttp://na.sage.com/sage-100-contractor/modules/project-management.


Keeping track of inventory items is easy with integrated estimating, purchase orders, accounts payable, job-costing, and service work orders. Whether you need to track inventory for a central warehouse or for a number of locations and service trucks, Sage 100 Contractor Inventory can handle it.

Inventory also can manage both basic stock and serialized items for all locations, bin numbers, Materials Safety Data Numbers (MSDN), manufacturer identification, and multiple vendors with different order numbers for the same part.

Truck restocking can be run from the work orders completed each day so that your warehouse staff can restock trucks at night after your service technicians bring them in.

You can move inventory in Sage 100 Contractor from one location to another, apply inventory to a job, re-price inventory, post shrinkage, or create finished goods inventory from stock items and labor. A template feature can save repetitive transactions for future use.

Resource reports from service work orders let you see which items will be needed in the future, making the ordering easy. And since Estimating integrates into Inventory, your estimators will always know if items are in stock and what your latest price is for any item.

For more information on the Service Receivables and Inventory add-on module, visit http://na.sage.com/sage-100-contractor/modules/service-management.

Service Receivables and Inventory

Service Receivables include service contracts, service routes, service dispatch, on-call work orders, quotes, point-of-sale and billing-of-service work and materials. This option is integrated with the Inventory module for automatic decrementing of inventory from work orders. You can maintain your service truck inventory with parts assigned to truck or warehouse inventory.

Service dispatch is displayed in 15-minute, hourly or daily increments. Work orders are displayed with user-definable color codes showing client, priority, and ZIP Code. You can review information about equipment installed at the client’s site. Items can be billed individually or as part of an assembly. The flat-rate billing option allows you to create and print your own price book for technicians to use. The same parts and assemblies databases are used for estimating and for service, making it easy to keep your entire system updated.

Service Receivables seamlessly integrates with payroll to eliminate the need for duplicate entry of labor hours.